After getting the work order UEC start work within 2-3 days. We have design of the different kind of trailers prepared by Mechanical and Auto cad engineers. If any customer wants to give inputs in the design then our well experienced and qualified team work on customers inputs and appropriate inputs are always well-come, build a trailer to fit your exact, specific needs. .

  Very High Quality Trailers...    
  Trailers Which are tough...    
  Tough body and best engine...    

      Complete assembly is prepared in three parts  



  Trailers with lots of space...    
  With best raw material...    
  With great work...      

We ensure that surface should be free of dust and grit before appling primer and color. Chassis and the under surface of trailer ispaintedwith plastic color to protect it from corrosive environment.



After finishing the whole assembly we have a PERFORMANCE CHECK on road for proper functioning of trailer.

        Owners Manual  
  Trailers with great machinery...        
  Hi-tech technology...  

A standard owner's manual will be provided along with every product manufactured by UEC. You could also avail this by sending us an email request.

  Great Service and best parts...    

If you still need answers to your questions, feel free to contact us or email us at

        Important Tips for the benefit of our customers.  



UEC recommends that all axles have the wheel bearings  
          checked for adjustment after the first 5,000 km of service.  

After this  all  axles  fitted  with  standard  steel hubs  need  

inspection and adjustment if necessary at 50,000 km intervals with replacement of the lubrication recommended at 100,000 km intervals.


In  harsh  operating  environments  such  as  high  ambient  

temperatures,  the wheel bearings should be inspected and adjusted if necessary every 25,000 km.

        Methods of adjusting wheel bearings  

Ensure  the  brake  air  reservoirs  are fully charged and the   
          brakes are backed off if required to avoid drag.  

Block  the  remaining  wheels  to  ensure  the unit does not  


move while carrying out this procedure.  

Remove the hub cap and place a dial indicator with magnetic  

base on the end of the axle spindle with the pointer resting on the hub. Rotate the hub approximately 90 degrees in both directions while pushing on the hub and note the reading on the dial indicator. Repeat the procedure while pulling on the hub.



        Steps to check n adjust the air suspension ride of trailer  

Have the trailer on level ground and preferably loaded.  

The air system should be fully  charged  and  preferably  the  
          truck engine running to ensure sufficient air supply.  

Trailer Brakes must be off. Block the wheels  to  ensure  the  
          unit does not move while carrying out this procedure.  

Loosen the clamps on the vertical linkage rod and  alter  the  

length - shorten to lower/lengthen to raise - to set at correct ride height. Re-clamp the adjusting rod when the correct ride height is achieved.


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